Monday 18 April 2022


Thicket - Moidart, Jan 1st 2022, c-type print


Suilven from Achmelvich


"Suilven from Achmelvich" - placemat photographed in Kinloch Rannoch, digital light-jet print, Aug 2021

Friday 9 July 2021

Thursday 7 May 2020


Song Thrush work in progress, hens eggs repainted as the eggs of other birds, Spring 2020

GSA then and Now

An online exhibition during lockdown of work from Glasgow School of Art artists from Environmental Art 1985–90 and MFA 1990–2006. (I was in the latter group between 1990-1992).

Saturday 4 January 2020

last light 2019, decade's end - for Karen

last light: Scots pine, looking towards the Tioram causeway and  Riska Island, 31 Dec 2019, Dorlin

last light and waxing crescent moon, 31 Dec 2019, Dorlin

Wednesday 22 August 2018

The Hide

A short film first shown in the solo exhibition, "below, the rocks fell into darkness" at the Studio Pavilion, Glasgow, May - July 2018. The film was shot on super 16mm digital format. Dur. 9'17"

The film records the passing of time in a wildlife hide on the west coast of Scotland. The hide allows the viewer to look upon the landscape through a long, panoramic viewing aperture. It looks out onto the land and water in a location where time is governed by the inexorable regularity of the tide. It’s mid-summer. The wind rifles through leaves, insects hover, and the camera examines the space viewed from the hide, but also of the hide itself. It’s a place that is almost a pause in the landscape, a place to view a pause in the landscape. Nothing happens. We just watch and wait.

A Darkening

This film slowly examines and explores a landscape. This is a landscape at a point of transition - the transition between day and night, and between one year and the next. It was filmed around Dorlin in Moidart, NW Scotland, during brief periods of calm and stillness at dusk around otherwise stormy, wet weather. The images of the landscape are dark, damp, and held deep in the grip of winter. It is almost silent, other than the brief interjections of a sea eagle and a heron passing overhead. The film is shot on super 16mm digital format. Dur. 4'33"

Monday 6 August 2018

a stone from Ben Nevis

A small pale grey pebble collected exactly one week earlier from the summit plateau of Ben Nevis, found in my pocket whilst walking in London, then placed (hidden) at the base of a tree next to the Albert Memorial.