Monday, 9 November 2009

farthest north

In relation to the earlier post regarding a walk up Schiehallion and our bivvy on the summit on the summer solstice 2009, I thought I should post some images from an earlier journey. 

On June 24th 2008, at 12.05am, Jim and I made a walk up Ben Hope, Scotland’s most northerly mountain over 3000ft, with the aim of finding (because of it’s elevation) a place on this island where the sun didn’t set. Of course, it turned out that the sun did indeed set, but in the two hours in which we climbed to reach the summit, we didn’t find recourse to use head-torches and the sun only just dipped below the horizon. “Maximum black” was at around 1am, but still there was sufficient light to be able to safely keep our footing. Dawn came at around 3am and, after an extremely cold hour on the summit, we walked down as colour began to penetrate the ground below us.

looking North East from the summit at 2.00am
trig point inside shelter cairn facing South
looking East towards the moon

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