Sunday, 14 March 2010

Switzerland with a Baedecker

I've not been out in the hills as much as normal lately (see previous post..) so have been looking through some of my books on mountains for my only fix. The fold out images from my Baedecker's guide to Switzerland are quite fantastic, so I scanned them a couple of weeks ago with a plan to do something with them. Still in progress, but here are two panoramas.

There are a good deal more in this fabulous book, and the one with the Mer de Glace is particularly fine. Having travelled to Chamonix, France a few summers ago, the mental travel of the Baedecker is proving really very enjoyable.


  1. These are great! Remind me of the old atlas I've been scanning :) Btw if you happen to find an old atlas of the world - big or small - please let me know.
    I look forward to seeing the progress of this, though. Lovely colours.

  2. I have enjoyed your recent postings very much. I think that it is courageous to post such a personal image as the scan. I am enjoying the relationship between the panoramic depictions of mountain ranges with which you satisfy your desire to be amongst the hills, and the very real evidence of why you should abstain for the present. Maybe there is something there to inform a piece of work. I, too, am very pleased for both of you.