Friday, 28 May 2010


The fledgelings have flown this morning, so I can have a closer look at the nest now. It's actually very solid and there's no way this construction would have been dislodged. The outer is made mainly of soft, sphagnum moss, but there's some man made fibre in there too - most noticeably blue packing string!


  1. Thank you for an inspiring and uplifting post. It is wonderful that the birds of the air continue their industrious lives alongside ours, taking the things that they need from our detritis. It is reassuring to witness the thrust of life that is within them, and moving to see the beautiful nests that they create.

  2. Oh, please keep it! It's wonderful :)

  3. I did think of saving it, but actually, it's remarkably solid, and completely welded to the tree. It's likely to be there net season for a new brood!