Friday, 25 June 2010

summer camp

An image I made from the Aguille du Midi, Mt Blanc, looking down on the tent pits dug by climbers en route to the summit of Mt Blanc, and making the landscape appear pitted by craters. (as a tent geek, I think I managed to spot one of my own tents, a Trango 2, when viewed at full res!)


  1. Wow that's a great photo. I like how it looks like cracks in the ice and melted holes. The insignificant size of human life on a scale like this is actually quite daunting.

  2. Thanks. From that height, you really feel removed from the scale of the people below and they do, as the cliche goes, look like ants. But the place itself means that you're all too aware of the journey they're about to make (they're not climbing the "easy" Gouter route btw). Perfect conditions though, and I suspect many successful ascents were made that day.