Sunday, 21 August 2011

burning mountain part 1

the coal seam at the top of Burning Mountain (Mt Wingen)

Looking into places to visit on our road trip in Australia (we collect our camper van tomorrow), I'm attracted to a place called Burning Mountain. I'm told "you won't see much there", or more commonly "never heard of it" from various locals here in Sydney, but to me, it looks fascinating. Burning Mountain, or to give it it's proper name, Mount Wingen, was thought to be a volcano, but it's now known to be an underground seam of coal that's thought to have been burning for almost 6000 years. The plant life en route to the summit has suffered, with little growing on the forest floor. The burning head of the seam can be seen and the fire pours out sulphurous gas and smoke.


  1. I think you should not make a campfire at such places. Stupid! Well done...Think about nature please, instead of burning it!

  2. eh, I think you haven't read this properly. The mountain has a naturally occurring coal fire that's been burning for 6 thousand years. I haven't lit any fires.