Thursday, 18 December 2014

extract from a conversation

A. Look at that red thing.
L. Where?
A. There.
L. I don't see anything red.
A. (pointing) There.
L. There's nothing red over there.
A. (still pointing) No, over there.
L. I still don't see any red things.
A. (more emphatically, a little frustrated, again pointing) It's there.
L. (pauses) Oh, you mean the low clouds behind that building? They're reddish from the rising sun.
A. Yes. That's it. I didn't know they were clouds. (pauses) They're beautiful.


  1. You seem to have a child sensitive to beauty and landscape, and you seem to be able to write plays....

  2. ha ha. I don't think Ibsen, in his grave, has anything to worry about. Yes, he does seem to like the landscape (especially mountains). brainwashing....

  3. Lovely. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the basic elements of the world. Hopefully there's always a child there to point it out to us!