Friday, 16 July 2010

Fog Line

Thanks to Tor for sharing this - Larry Gottheim's 1970 short film Fog Line. 11 minutes of fog imperceptibly but inexorably dissipating in a rural landscape.


  1. Oh my, I absolutely love this! As you know, I have a thing for fog :)
    Reminds me of a video I found recently, a tribute to Bas Jan Ader.

  2. Thanks Theresa, it's a lovely film too - romantic conceptualism for sure! Funnily enough, I'm currently making a large-ish drawing of fog, (though struggling with it a bit).

    I'm not sure you'll see so much fog where you're going soon though...

  3. This is a beautiful film. Thank you for posting it.I should have loved to have made it myself!
    I can see how one films fog, but how does one draw it? I wish you well with your drawing.

  4. thanks.

    it's with great difficulty ..hence my struggle! Remains to be seen if it gets resolved on a larger scale, though I did make two small drawings in a similar vein a year or so ago that I liked. I think they're in an earlier blog post.

  5. The two drawings of which you speak are in an earlier blog post. I have seen them, and think that they are lovely.